When Is A Business Ready For IT Managed Services?

At Red Level, we have a very well rounded and robust support structure here between the help desk team and the project team, which allows us to handle ticket escalations in an efficient fashion. We have adequate staffing on both teams with the proper skill set certifications and specialized areas of focus so we can pretty much tackle any problem that one of our customers throws at us and have it dedicated to the right individuals to fire on all cylinders and tackle that problem. We do business with a couple of different retail franchises and we’ve been able to put together solutions for them where we, we basically build their store for them in office here and set up all their equipment and configure it, get it ready for deployment, ship it back to them where they received the boxes. Basically put everything in place where it’s supposed to go, fire on all systems and they’re up and rolling. And we’ve created a process and proper documentation surrounding that. So, um, it’s a very repeatable process and we’re actually able to use that for not only one business, but for the retail model in general.