Minuteman Press Franchise Review

Minuteman Press Franchise has had lawsuits, multiple complaints and bankrupt stores yet continues to smear franchise consultants and brokers seemingly for no other reason than to drive buyers into their own sales funnel. We respectfully asked Minuteman Press to remove this defamatory content almost a year ago yet it still remains online. While we would have preferred to not release this video, we felt it critical that their one-sided, highly inaccurate depiction of our business and industry be addressed.
The MMP webpage continues to be provided as a first-page result when franchise related keywords (including our company name) are searched. This has had a direct and identifiable negative impact on our business, and caused irreparable harm to our reputation. Minuteman Press hides behind ambiguous references to avoid any potential liability, but the intention is clear.
Are there other reason Minuteman Press franchise might not want you speaking with franchise consultants? There are indeed.

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MINUTEMAN PRESS Franchise Complaints