Mint Condition Franchise Founder, Jack Saumby, Shares Secrets On Growing From 0 to 400+ Locations

In today’s video we have two guests from Mint Condition franchise, Jack Saumby, the founder and president of Mint Condition. As well as Randy Abernathy, the director of Master Franchise Development. We’re gonna talk all about the commercial cleaning industry, the size of the market, the growth, how Mint Condition is positioned in the commercial cleaning industry, as well as go through how they have adapted to COVID and the pandemic being on the front lines in the cleaning and sanitation business.

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00:00 Introduction
00:36 How did you enter the commercial cleaning business?
05:07 Could you tell us about the size, growth, and opportunities of this industry?
07:59 Who are the market players?
09:46 Do master franchisees need to have industry-related experience?
11:07 What is it about commercial cleaning janitorial services that it is more common to have the franchisor, master franchisee, and then the franchisee at the bottom?
14:35 Is it a full-time job for the master franchisee?
15:24 How is the structure for an individual franchisee?
16:44 What is the organization look like at the master franchisee level?
19:18 Do franchisees stay for a while?
20:14 Any crazy success story of franchisees that started with a small investment and now is managing a lot of accounts?
25:05 What kind of investment range a master franchisee would expect to contribute?
28:10 Do you have any master franchisees that want to grow through acquisition?
28:44 Is there anything else that Mint Condition provides to get the master franchisee open?
31:45 Is there one side of the platform that is harder?
35:26 Are there any hot markets that would be a home run?
38:02 How this pandemic has affected your business?
44:06 What is the most important data that the master franchisee needs to be tracking?
49:58 Conclusion

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