Managed Services: Pricing and Packaging Your Offering

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Does your current pricing approach amount to presenting the customer with three stock options and hoping for the best? Are you leaving money on the table? Wondering whether you’ll come out ahead if the customer accepts your proposal? If your current pricing and packaging strategies are leaving you with vexing questions, view this webcast replay to get some answers. This webcast replay is packed with practical, relevant guidelines for MSPs that want to ensure their pricing and packaging strategies are optimized for maximum customer adoption and long-term profits. Entitled “Managed Services: Pricing and Packaging Your Offering”, this webcast replay will reveal the 7 steps to pricing and packaging success, the key differences that distinguish the most profitable MSPs from the rest, the dos and don’ts of establishing a comprehensive, value-based pricing strategy, two primary pricing strategies, and their respective pros and cons, and detailed case studies that walk through an actual customer scenario and the steps to take to establish a tailored proposal that is optimized for the customer’s business. Learn more at