How to use Managed Services Platform QBR Toolkit

All QBR tools, in one place. Take your strategic, remote Quarterly Business Reviews to the next level with the Managed Services Platform’s QBR toolkit. –

– 1. QBR Discussion Points Checklist – All of your clients are 100% aligned and engaged? This ebook identifies 28 topics with clients to prevent misalignment and enhance client engagement.
– 2. Executive QBR Power Questions – Are you truly engaging your client executives and owners? This ebook helps to communicate your value, differentiate your offering and generate more project and service revenues.
– 3. Remote QBR Checklist – Does the quality of your remote QBRs convey professionalism? This ebook helps you differentiate your MSP business with professional remote presence.

– 4. QBR Annual Playbook – Are your clients being over or under-serviced? This ebook helps you understand how your vCIO and Account Management team can maximize their productivity.
– 5. Critical QBR Client Role Mapping – Does your MSP pay attention to the right client? This ebook helps you target clients based on their behavior and potential and determines the way you get and keep them engaged and improve retention.
– 6. QBR Time Calculator – Does your MSP waste too much time with useless spreadsheets? Control your entire sales, vCIO and account management team’s performance and hit more of your goal setting proper expectations of the various client segments.

As many decision makers of your clients’ decision makers don’t play an active role in the day-to-day IT operations, they’re often oblivious to the MSP’s performance, hard work, and value delivered. A Quarterly Business Review meeting is the single most important opportunity for MSPs to generate executive level client engagement, demonstrate value, discuss business priorities, and expand their services.