Exceptional Franchises Awarded in 2020

Exceptional Franchises Awarded in 2020

We celebrate CFA (Canadian Franchise Association) members who received exceptional rankings from franchisees. Congratulations to CFA’s 2020 Franchisees’ Choice Designees!

The Franchisees’ Choice Designation award videos are sponsored by Sangster Franchise Group and the CFA’s National Sponsors.

️ I Help Franchisors Expand ️

email: darryl@sangsterfranchisegroup.com
calendar: http://calendly.com/darrylsangster
LinkedIn: https://LinkedIn.com/DarrylSangster

With over 20 years of franchise experience, I understand that success doesn’t come without some pain & failures, and it’s those painful failures that formed the foundation of my extensive franchise knowledge and understanding the critical link between franchise system efficiencies and profitability.

I built a Multi-Million dollar 7 Figure Business and an 8 Figure Franchise under the Franchise brands Sangster’s Health Centres & Sangster’s Organic Markets that incorporated:
42 Retail Franchises;
8 Corporate Retail businesses;
1 Franchise Head Office business;
1 Supplement Manufacturing business;
1 Distribution Warehouse business;
1 Real Estate Leasing & Negotiation business;
1 eCommerce business;
WON the Highest Franchise Award in Canada, the CFA Award of Excellence

Imagine having an expert franchise advisor supporting you & your franchise, no matter what your question or problem is, that can quickly diagnose the problem and present an actionable solution!

You are an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Franchisor or Executive Team Member interested in the further development of franchising systems;
You want access to a teachable franchising system to implement or, add into and strengthen your existing franchise system;
You want the support of an experienced franchisor as your advisor / teacher / mentor that will get you results and keep you accountable;

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