DentAesthetica|Clinic Dental Services-Franchise Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity with #DentAethetica – An Established Clinic Offering Dental Services.
Multi-speciality: All dental treatments including all kind of diagnostics under one roof
Soothing / Relaxing Ambience environment is very soothing so patients coming in don’t have a phobia towards dental treatment.
Patient education: We understand the need of our patient and we explain in depth about their problem and suggests solutions to them.
Cleanliness: The practice prioritises 6 step sterilisation which is carried out strictly
Patient Satisfaction Our patient are very satisfied with results and our way of working
All the USPs are very well transformed into franchise model with proper training.
Our franchisee gets support from us at all levels from quality control to support at all levels.
Franchise Facts
Area – 1300 Sq ft
Investment – 54 lacs
ROI- 142%
Payback period – 1 year 7 months
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