9 Small Business Ideas That Will Make You Money Fast

We discuss nine small business ideas that can help make you money this year. Many of them require skills that you already have under your belt and can easily turn into a business. Whether it’s accounting, event planning, or cooking, you can probably turn your hobby or side hustle into a profitable small business idea. Always dreamed of starting your own business, but not sure where to begin? Watch to find out more about nine money-making small business ideas.

Our video covers:

Idea 1: Podcasting (0:33)

Idea 2: Real Estate Investing (1:27)

Idea 3: Accounting/Tax Prep/Bookkeeping (2:30)

Idea 4: College Admissions Consultant (3:19)

Idea 5: Food Truck (4:10)

Idea 6: Self-Storage Business (4:57)

Idea 7: Event Planning (5:43)

Idea 8: Local Messenger/Courier Services (6:30)

Idea 9: Interpretation/Translation Services (7:10)

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